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Our routine inspection and repair services

Mack Brothers provides regular service for your elevator needs. Whether you’re looking for Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annually we have options that will fit your needs. Our policy of being the best will ensure you’re not locked into long term annual contracts with a company that is not pulling the weight that it claims. We offer a 30 day cancellation policy if we are not doing an adequate job you can cancel at any time.

Our inspection and repair services cover looking at the interior of the cab to ensure that it is free of damage and all internal buttons and bulbs work. Inspection of the outside of the car checking door panels, lights and fans, and any other components. Machine Room maintenance ensuring oil, lubrication and electrical wiring are all in good condition. On top of the car we will inspect to ensure the brakes, cables, and the emergency exit hatch are operational. Finally in the pit we ensure there is no leaking from the jack, no damage to the car and that the pit is clean and free of debris.

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