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About Mack Brothers Elevator

Whether you need to install an elevator in a commercial or residential building we will be your best resource. We have some of the best mechanics in the business in our area working for Mack Brothers with many years of install, modernization and repair experience. Whether you’re looking to add a new elevator to an existing building with no current hoistway or add new elevators to a new project we are the team for your needs!

Mack Brothers provides non-proprietary New Construction installs. This will keep you up and running and will allow you to use any elevator service or repair company you want to work on your elevators. Non-proprietary equipment means any elevator technician that surveys your equipment would have access to the tools and resources needed to do the work on your elevator.

Easier Maintenance

Non-proprietary equipment also means easier maintenance of your elevator equipment. Non-proprietary equipment means that there is no special software or equipment that will be needed to do the work on the elevators.

Better Access to Parts

To ensure the safety of your elevator equipment as it wears down parts need to be replaced before it gets beyond a point of failure. With non-proprietary elevators equipment is much easier to repair due to many of the parts being interchangeable. Many of the parts used in non-proprietary elevator equipment are able to be purchased anywhere.

No Upcharges

We believe in being upfront with the costs of our installations with a quote from us you will receive all costs for installation of the elevators no post install change orders unless you choose to make changes to the contract or project which we will discuss as you feel the need to make changes.

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